Jacob van der Ulft: Triomftocht in Italiaanse stad
Jacob van der Ulft: Triumphal Procession
in an Italian city

oil on canvas, 39,5 x 61,3 cm, 1670, Cologne

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Jacob van der Ulft
Gorinchem, 26 March 1621
- Noordwijk, 1689

It is still unclear whether Van der Ulft ever visited Italy. Judging by his ‘Italianising’ paintings, one would think not. Van der Ulft almost spent his entire life in Gorinchem, where he was a member of the city council as well as mayor. He passed away in 1689 in Noordwijk.

Van der Ulft was particularly a painter of cityscapes. He did not only paint Gorinchem many times, but also depicted the City Hall on the Dam in Amsterdam, for example. However, Van der Ulft became famous for his Italian landscapes. He was a painter as well as a well-known drawer and etcher. It is a shame that Gorinchem does not own any painting, drawing or etching by Van der Ulft.